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What you can expect

Indigofera Ecotours visits more sites in Litchfield than any other operator, we can offer you the chance to relax, take you on hikes, or offer you cultural insights, it's your experience.

Expect quality.

Experience style and a relaxed pace.

Expect to get off the beaten track.

Experience the transfer of knowledge.

Expect small group sizes, maximum of six per vehicle.

Experience some four-wheel driving.

Expect photos, postcard perfect.

Experience exotic swimming locations.

It is also recommended that you read the Climate Information. Click here.


What Indigofera provides


Indigofera Ecotours will provide:

An experienced guide - Who will take care of your needs whilst on tour. Your guide will drive you through the parks in our comfortable 4WD vehicles, cook you a delicious campfire dinner, and will pick you up and return you safely to your accommodation in Darwin.

An itinerary - that is relaxed and flexible. Your guide will introduce you to the amazing savanna ecosystems, lead you to safe and pristine swimming spots in monsoon forests, and show you majestic waterfalls and fantastic scenery.

All meals - whist on tour are provided, lunch and dinner are provided on the first day and breakfast and lunch are provided on the last day. If your trip is longer than two days all meals are provided on subsequent days. Snacks, fruit and cool water are also provided. Indigofera can cater for all sorts of fancy for your pallets, please be sure to indicate your dietary needs when booking a tour (BYO).

Accommodation - is in Indigofera's eco-cabins, as we operate under a minimal impact ethos. The only power that we use is provided by the sun, the showers are solar heated and the hut lights and fans operate on solar power and we have eco friendly toilet systems. Fresh linen and eco-friendly soap products that are all provided. Twin share or double huts available, single passengers may be requested to share accommodation however single supplements are available.

Other equipment and resources are available to cater for your needs, you just need to ask the guide.


What you need

Here's a list of recommended items needed when traveling with Indigofera Ecotours.

In the tropical areas like Darwin, Litchfield and Katherine, the weather is always warm, so lightweight summer clothing like t-shirts and shorts are worn year-round. Long-sleeved shirts and trousers as well as sturdy shoes should be packed for time in the sun or in the bush.

Your swimming costume, bathers or togs are needed for those refreshing waterfall swims.

In the Northern Territory a hat is essential piece of equipment for outdoor activities.

To protect your sensitive eyes from the harsh Australian sun.

Sturdy footwear is recommended at all times whilst on tour. Some rough tracks and rocky terrain may need to be negotiated.

Water Bottle
A water bottle of at least one litre capacity should be carried at all times. Make sure you fill it up whenever possible.

Day Pack
A small back-pack for use during day trips.

Although not recommended whilst swimming in natural waterways sunscreen is recommended on the face and on exposed skin to protect you from the sun.

Insect Repellent
In addition to long sleeved shirts and pants will keep you happy when the insects decide to say hello.

Toiletry Bag
Toothbrush, toothpaste, personal medication and what ever else fits in this little bag.

A personal torch is always handy when all around is dark. Remember some spare batteries.

To capture those all important memories, a good case and plastic bags in case it rains are also recommended. Remember some spare batteries and memory cards, or film for those traditionalists..

Indigofera Ecotours recommends that all our passengers have travel insurance, we strongly suggest you are covered for medical expenses and also suggest cover for personal liability, curtailment, cancellation and loss, or damage to luggage and personal effects .

Spending Money
As all meals whilst on tour are provided the only spending money you will need would be to by a cold drink, or an ice-cream at the Wangi kiosk, or the Litchfield Cafe.

Alcohol is not provided by Indigofera, and due to bottle shops opening times there are no opportunities to buy any alcohol whilst on tour, if you decide that you would like to drink alcohol you must bring your own, it is to be expected that you would drink responsibly.

Meeting Point Locations
You will need to inform Indigofe
ra Ecotours of your Meeting and Finishing Points. We will gladly pick you up from any location in the Darwin Region. Pick up times are between 6:45am and 7:15am. To confirm Meeting Point contact Indigofera Ecotours.


Please be aware:

That this list is intended to be a guide, it is not intended to be a complete packing list.
That some roads travels will be bumpy and corrugated please leave all fragile and valuable items in storage at your hotel.

That internet and public phones are limited, and mobile phone coverage is not available.


Responsible travel

Read and adhere to any signs in regard to safety and minimising impact.

Accidental wildfires are easily started please be careful with matches, cigarettes, lighters and campfires.

Animal Welfare
Feeding of animals is not allowed and can cause animals to become dependent, dangerous or aggressive towards visitors.

Conservation of flora and fauna
The wildlife is not to be disturbed, please don't pick the flowers, do not use live branches as fly swats or interfere with wildlife and termite mounds. Indigofera acknowledges the fact that reptiles, fish, crustaceans, aquatic plant life and other organisms live in the streams and water courses of our protected natural areas, and although we believe in sun-smart protection from the hot Australian sun, we also believe that we should limit the pollution of our waterways by not using sun-screen while swimming.

Rubbish bins are provided, and the tour guide will have rubbish bags so please don't litter.

Take care of yourself and others; wear appropriate clothing, be sun smart, drink water and leave the parks and reserves for others to enjoy and to preserve their natural existence.


Indigofera require that all our passengers be of reasonable health and fitness in order to participate fully in an Indigofera Ecotour.

Age Limits
Indigofera requests a minimum age limit of five years old for any Indigofera Ecotours (Private Charters excluded).